Love. Life.

This blog is about love. It is about life. Those two words seem inextricably interwoven for me. For it is love that makes life enjoyable and we cannot truly live until we learn to love. On this blog I focus on a few things I love – my family, travel, the outdoors and stories.

This blog is also about loving life. Too often I get so busy that I fail to stop an truly live. Worries, responsibilities, depression and apathy can steal away the beauty that is all around us. As I learn to love life, I want to share that here in this blog. And, hopefully, it will encourage you to love, to live and to love life.

My name is Chuck Allen. I am married to my high school sweetheart and have three wonderful children.

I live in Alabama, but also enjoy traveling to other amazing parts of the planet. When not spending time with the family or writing, I manage operations for a global healthcare company.

Links for social media accounts are shown below. I’d love to connect with you in one of those ways.

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