Hi, My name is Xiomara. I’ll never forget hearing Miss Alice’s voice that night. I was shocked to see her and embarrassed that I was there.

You see, at first I liked being called Eddie’s girlfriend. He was nice to me and I felt protected. But later I would see what he was really like. He viewed me as his property. I didn’t know what to do. The one time I tried to break up with him, he slapped me and threatened to kill me. I was so scared.

That was not the life I wanted. I wanted to go to college this past fall. I had good grades and even a scholarship in literature, but I was afraid of what Eddie would do. He has friends all over; I would worry about mom. I should have talked to her about it, but I was embarrassed.

That’s why I was there that night – because I was supposed to be. And when Miss Alice spotted me, she came straight towards us. “What is she doing here!” I think it’s the first time I ever heard her yell.

When Blake knocked her down, I moved towards her and yelled for them to stop. That is when Eddie hit me. He was leaning over me, yelling, when she came up and kicked him. “Run!” she said. I didn’t know what to do, but when Eddie turned towards her I ran. I ran all the way home, crying, and my mom took me straight to the police station. I had no idea what happened to Alice after I left. I should have never gone.

Miss Alice was my zephyr. She was the wind that finally pushed me out of that situation. She was the strength that I should have had months ago. Detective Olsen told me today that they have enough testimony to get Eddie and Blake both, so my mom and I are going to move to a new city. We will have to start over, but I will go to college. I know that’s what Miss Alice wanted for me.

I’m sorry, Miss Alice.

I wrote a small poem for her:

She blew in like the wind,
A protector and a friend.
The strength I did not have, she gave.

That breeze will still blow,
In our lives as we go.
Let us all live as she did, brave.


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