I like to use the word xenial to describe Alice. My name is Louis Harrington and I am a University Professor of English at Portman University. I first met Alice through my work with the Immigration Support League where I serve as a member of the board of directors.

Alice was a volunteer with our organization and was always willing to open her home to anyone that might be new to the area. And that, to me, is the essence of the word xenial. Informally, the word is often used to describe someone who is hospitable – especially to foreigners. The Greeks originally used the word to describe someone who was to host a guest from another city. In either case, the word describes Alice as well as possible.

You heard Miss Ortez speak earlier of how Alice helped them when they first arrived. There were several others over the years as well. All had different situations and needs, but Alice was willing to help in whatever capacity we asked. It is truly rare in this day and age to find someone so willing to open their home to foreigners. I certainly wish there were more Alices in this world.


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9 thoughts on “Xenial”
  1. I had to look that word up and all my on line dictionary would give me is Project Xenial – ah well learn something everyday.

    Alice seemed to be a good all rounder, which makes the way she acted which got her killed somewhat stupid.

  2. Not sure you meant it that way, but the last line rings true in non fiction side of this life… I too “.. wish there were more Alices in the world…”

  3. I think I met Alice at some point. Of course, I am referring to my version of Alice nearby. A welcoming person as well as a welcoming presence. Someone we love having around. Someone who fills our lives with their goodness of character. Someone who certainly makes us wish there were more of them in the world.

  4. Yes. We need more people like Alice in the world.

    What happened? You’re killin’ me!

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