My name is Mike and I’ve known Alice for a long time now. You have all touched on various aspects of Alice that made her special. She wore so many hats – mom, friend, mentor, co-worker. And while I am thankful to call Alice a friend, I will always remember her as the prototype waitress.

A lot of people don’t realize how challenging that job can be. Karla and Evan touched on this a little bit, but Alice was the model for how the job was done. Being quick and efficient while also spending time with the customer is not an easy balance to strike. People often come into the diner wanting a respite just as much as they want food. Alice knew that and it showed in her work.

If you want proof of the impact Alice made, just look at how our customers have responded. We started collecting donations this week to establish a college fund for Christopher. In only two days, we have already collected several thousand dollars. People love her.

She worked her way into all of our hearts and she will be missed by many.


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