I knew Alice from attending meetings with her. We didn’t always get along because, well, she would tell me I wasn’t taking my recovery seriously. That would usually make me mad. Of course, I guess the fact that I was down there that night when all this happened showed she was right.

Alice had always been so positive and spoke so kindly to everyone in the meetings. Even when she challenged me about my commitment, she did it in a nice way – like she was worried about me.

But that night I saw a side of her that I didn’t know existed. She was aggressive… violent.

I was sitting on a bench on the other side of the street. At first I didn’t recognize her when I saw Monica stop and turn around. But as they started walking away, I recognized her. They had only gone a few steps in the other direction, when I saw Alice glance back at Eddie and his guys.

She did kind of a double take and then turned and walked straight towards them, pointing at something. Eddie’s main guy, Blake, stepped in front of her, but she was still walking forward until he shoved her to the ground. Everyone was surprised when she popped right back up and punched him in the nose. Then she went straight for Eddie. It looked like she kicked him between the legs because he doubled over for a moment.

It got real ugly and chaotic after that. And I can’t for the life of me figure out what made her do that.

(This is part 22 of 26 of the story What Happened to Alice. To see the full listing click here.)

8 thoughts on “Violent”
  1. She had many sides to her, a complex character is the best kind. Makes this reader wonder if when she went after the guy in the earlier post was because he was bad or she had a temper, or both. Well, nothing like creating questions for the reader. Questions keep us going.

  2. Tough one. Drug dealers ruining lives and killing people. Justified anger is a natural reaction to people that care. Not sure the actions were on the wise side…

  3. Eddie? Who is this Eddie? I bet he holds the key!

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