Hi. My name is Monica. And… I’ve been sitting out there trying to talk myself out of doing this. I don’t like talking in front of crowds… but I love Miss Alice.

She was my sponsor. She always made sure I went to my meetings and she checked in with me almost every day. She even took me to my meetings a few times when I was planning to skip. I have been clean for five months this time.

I – I – I am the reason Miss Alice was there. I’m so sorry. I…

If I had only gone to my meeting… But the craving was so strong… I mean… I had no idea she would come find me. I don’t even know how she knew where I’d be. I can’t believe this is all happening.

I remember how shocked I was when I heard her voice that night. “Monica, You don’t need this.” The fact that she spoke so softly – instead of yelling at me – caught my attention. Her voice was so kind and loving. I immediately knew she was right. “You deserve better than what that stuff can offer you,” she said. Then she took my arm and turned me around… we started walking away.

I don’t know what I will do without Miss Alice. But there are two things I wanted to do for her… two very hard things. One was to speak here – to say how much she had done for me – to say how much I love her. The other… I know I’ve got to stay clean.


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