Hi. My name is Analise. I had the privilege of being Alice’s sponsor many years ago. If you know Alice well, this is no surprise since she was so active in the support groups. I could never understand how someone as busy as her could find time be involved, but she was.

You’ve all described wonderful things about Alice, but the thing I will always admire most is her accomplishments as a recovering addict. She quit tracking days and years a long time ago now, but I can tell you its been at least sixteen years. She entered the program several years before Christopher was born – with the normal successes and failures along the way.

I guess she had seen enough successes along the way that once she found out she was pregnant with Christopher, her resolve strengthened. It was really quite amazing. The last ten years or so she has been more active in a support role than anyone I know. It’s almost like she channels her desire into helping others instead of allowing it to focus on anything selfish.

And she loved her life: Christopher, her mom, her friends, even work. You could tell it in just a short conversation. I’ve always felt that the goal of sobriety is to learn to love life. And Alice achieved that goal.


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