Hi. My name is Olivia and I teach at Christopher’s school.

I first met Alice when I had Christopher in my seventh grade history class. I was also his home room teacher that year. She was there for every parent-teacher meeting even though Christopher was a straight-A student with no behavior issues to speak to. She just wanted to make sure she was engaged and informed.

But the thing that stood out to me the most about Alice was how protective she was. I remember that time she came in to talk about Xiomara, and I can remember at least two other times that she did the same thing for other students. If she felt a child was not getting the proper attention – or getting picked on by other students – she would be in that office standing up for them.

As a teacher we see plenty of parents that aren’t even involved when it comes to their own children. Alice was special in that she would get involved for any one who needed it.

Christopher, I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother was a unique and special person. I know she loved you very much and is proud of the young man you are.


(This is part 16 of 26 of the story What Happened to Alice. To see the full listing click here.)


6 thoughts on “Protective”
  1. Catching up again with Alice… and as Helen says she was a good for her kid. But this post indicates that she take “it takes a village” to heart with other kids – but I wonder if others would see her protecting other kids as a good thing or as an interference. We’ve established that she is nosy – What might she discover that someone wants quiet…?

    We’ve also established that she has no trouble speaking her mind…someone might need to keep her from doing it.It’s fun playing detective, thanks for the A to Z RPG Chuck!

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