Alice was a lovely person – inside and out. What happened to her was unfathomable. I work in the ER and was there the night they brought her in. And while I’ve known her for over ten years now, I wouldn’t have known that was her when they brought her in.

When you think of Alice, you think of her ponytail. At least I do. It was always bouncing there on the back of her head, swinging along with her energetic bounce. She didn’t wear a lot of makeup, but what she did wear was always fixed just right. I never saw Alice on a “slouchy” day. You know, those days you just hope nobody sees you because you’re too lazy to dress up? Not her; she always looked neat.

But not that night. Not after… whoever it was… attacked her. The brutality of it is what I can’t understand. Whoever did this could not have known Alice or they would have never been able to beat her like that. For she was a lovely person. A very lovely person.


(This is part 12 of 26 of the story What Happened to Alice. To see the full listing click here.)


9 thoughts on “Lovely”
  1. I sure can tell here that Alice doesnt deserve what happened to her. Like i can imagine what horror it must have been that night… Why do I get myself emotional day by day following this? Haha. Really a Good Job Chuck!

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