My name is Maria Ortez. Miss Alice was so kind to me and to my daughter, Xiomara. When we moved here, we got help from the Immigration Support League. They introduced us to Alice – and she was a life saver.

Alice would take me to my English classes. And she let us live with her and Christopher while I tried to find work. It was slow at first and many of my jobs were temporary. Alice never hurried us. She even insisted that we have money in savings before we found an apartment of our own. We lived with her for almost one year.

Alice made us feel like family. I remember one time, just after we had arrived here, a boy at school said some mean thingsย about Xiomara. The next day Alice was down at that school talking to the principal, demanding that they do something. It meant a lot to me that she would protect Xiomara like that.

After we moved, Alice would still check on us to see how we were doing. That kind of kindness is special. That is why, even to this day, I call her my angel.


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