While we’re telling stuff on Alice, I figured I would share a few things. My name is Claire and I used to work down at the diner. And like Karla said, Alice was a great worker, but if things slowed down you might want to watch out or she might just pull a joke on you.

She got me in my first week on the job. It was probably my second day and the lunch rush had just ended. Things were starting to get back to normal when Alice brings me this plastic bucket. She points at that huge coffee maker and tells me to drain the hot water out of it so we can give it a “deep cleaning.” I didn’t think much of it; I just did what she said.

You can imagine how silly I felt when Mr. Mike walks up and says, “What are you doing?” To which I answered, “I’m draining the hot water.”

He stood there and chuckled for a moment before he finally said, “You know that machine is attached to a water line, right?“

I’m not sure how long she would have let me drain that water if he hadn’t told me. And then there was the time she moved Evan’s car and he thought his girlfriend had taken it. Oh, there are plenty of stories we could tell.

Yeah, working with Alice was fun.


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