I’m not sure what I could add to what you all have already said. Alice was all of those things – a really special person.

So I think I’m gonna share something about her that maybe not everyone knows. I don’t think she would mind. And while it’s not something she shared with everyone, she didn’t always hide it either – Alice had a tattoo.

I see her mom nodding. She told me you hated it so I figured she was pretty young when she got it.

It was actually kind of cute. I first saw it when we were at the gym together many years ago. It’s a small butterfly design, high on her hip. You couldn’t see it unless she was wearing a swim suit or something like that.

I asked her about it that day and why she never mentioned it. She said she liked it, but that it was a part of her past that she didn’t want to share with everyone.

But it was pretty… Just like Alice.


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