I’m not sure what I could add to what you all have already said. Alice was all of those things – a really special person.

So I think I’m gonna share something about her that maybe not everyone knows. I don’t think she would mind. And while it’s not something she shared with everyone, she didn’t always hide it either – Alice had a tattoo.

I see her mom nodding. She told me you hated it so I figured she was pretty young when she got it.

It was actually kind of cute. I first saw it when we were at the gym together many years ago. It’s a small butterfly design, high on her hip. You couldn’t see it unless she was wearing a swim suit or something like that.

I asked her about it that day and why she never mentioned it. She said she liked it, but that it was a part of her past that she didn’t want to share with everyone.

But it was pretty… Just like Alice.


(This is part 9 of 26 of the story What Happened to Alice. To see the full listing click here.)


13 thoughts on “Inked”
    1. I’m with you on that, Dee. I change my mind too often to be satisfied with a permanent tattoo. 🙂 I’d be wanting to change it every couple of years.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I am prewriting were I can. I have all of the letters planned at this point, except for 2. Some of them are written, but most just have a summary sentence to remind me what that day needs to be about. When the challenge started I had 7 written, but it was not the first 7. At the moment, I only have 3 future letters fully written. It’s definitely been a fun experience and is pushing me to write when I otherwise might not have. 🙂

  1. that’s cute. I sometimes think too that tattoo is cool. But never thought of having one myself. Hhhmm.. what could be the significance of the tattoo???

  2. So… here I am catching up after a few days away from Alice, so I may be not remembering accurately. Have we known all along that these monologists are together in the same place (or at least this one and Alice’s mother)?

    1. Hi, Jeri! You would only know that if you read the introductory post. I don’t mention it in any of the posts since I’m not using any description. Each of these monologues are eulogies being spoken at Alice’s memorial.

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