Hi. I’m Karla and I had the privilege of working with Alice at the diner. I’ve never known anyone who was a harder worker than her.

In fact, the day before she was killed, she covered half of my shift so I could attend a meeting at my son’s school. She was always doing things like that. She would work a double if she had to. Like that week Judy’s mom died and she had to go back home – Alice worked three doubles that week to get us through.

And I know she had her mom to help and all, but that is still hard to do when you’re a single parent. I know. Putting in that many hours, juggling schedules to have Christopher picked up, catching up on laundry, planning meals – I don’t know how she did it.

And she never fussed about being late taking her break. She would work right through them if she needed to. If you’ve ever worked on your feet for eight hours or more in a day, you know how important it is to sit down for even a few minutes at some point.

But… Alice was special… and I’m glad I got to know her. And, like Evan said, we’re all going to miss her down at the diner.


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