Some of you may not know this, but Alice was my girlfriend.

Yes, my wife is here and she knows all about it. It’s been going on for quite a while now. I couldn’t even guess how many times I asked Alice to go out with me – always with the same result.

I would tell her, “You’re only saying ‘no’ because I’m old.” And she would reply, “I’m only saying ‘no’ because you’re married. And be sure to tell Ruth I asked about her.” Yeah, I think Ruth and I loved Alice as if she were one of our own. Our grandkids loved her too. They were always excited to go to the diner with us. She was so playful with them.

I can’t imagine anyone hitting Alice, much less beating her the way the papers described it. And if I ever get my hands on who did this…

I’m sorry. I’m sure we all feel a bit of rage at what happened to Alice. And I sure am going to miss her sweet smile.


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