My name is Evan. I had the privilege of working with Alice down at the diner. I’m the morning cook. By the way, thank you, Mr. Mike, for letting us be here today. I can’t remember the last time the diner was closed.

You see, things can get pretty hectic at the diner. Not everyone can handle the stress and pace of the busy days. People get chippy and short-tempered. But Alice? She never seemed phased by it. She was so easy going and calm that it helped to keep everyone’s tempers in check. We’ve had plenty of folks work there that couldn’t last more than a few months. I have no idea how long Alice has been there – a long time.

That’s why I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hit her. I mean, sure, she would speak her mind, but her easy going nature always won people over. Nobody ever acted aggressively toward her – especially not to this extent. Of course, if anyone had ever tried, those of us in the kitchen would have been out there in a heartbeat.

I sure am going to miss Alice – we all are.


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