What would you be willing to do to improve your marriage? Attend counseling? Spend less time on a particular hobby? Laugh at your husband’s jokes?

At times we have to do things specifically for our marriage. Some people take sabbaticals to focus on their marriage. Some people take the Love Dare. Some people take Valium. Well, you get the picture. As the Easter holiday approaches there may be opportunities for you to take action for the sake of your marriage.

The action? Eating all the candy.

Husbands, if your wife has ever used one of the following phrases, then your action may be needed:

  • Does this outfit make me look fat?
  • I need to lose weight!
  • How many calories are in that?
  • I have nothing to wear! I’m going on a diet!

If your wife has used those phrases or similar¬†phrases then it’s time for you to sacrifice yourself for her. By eating more than your share of the Easter candy you are helping to reduce her anxiety regarding caloric intake and scales.

Are you up for the challenge? Would you do anything for love? Even if that means downing the whole bag of pastel M&M’s or several Cadbury Creme Eggs?

I would do anything for love. Excepts Peeps. I won’t do that.

But seriously: Putting the chocolate bunnies and eggs aside, what would you be willing to do for your marriage? There is no magic list of marriage improving actions. You have to find out what your spouse wants and work to meet those needs. It may mean working fewer hours, going out on dinner dates, shopping together (egad!) or any number of things. Take some time today to ask your spouse what you could do to improve your marriage – and then do it!


This post was originally posted on April 2, 2010.