I am blessed to call Alice my daughter. She was a beautiful, happy child. And smart – boy was she smart.

She had a rough time in high school. It hurt to watch the choices she made and the struggles she faced as a result. But she emerged from that period of her life as a stronger woman – probably the strongest woman I know. I think those struggles gave her more compassion for people and a greater love for life.

And then Christopher came along – the joy of her life. I truly believe he was the catalyst that completed her transformation. And I couldnโ€™t be more proud of the woman she was.

Christopher, you were a gift to me and your mom. These past fourteen years have been the best of our lives.

There was a period of time in her life when I feared something bad might happen to Alice, but those days were long over. I did not expect to outlive her, that is for sure. And to have her taken away like this is just not fair. And in this way. I mean- a closed casket? Beaten so badly that we donโ€™t get to have a proper last look at her? Iย don’t know…

I love you, Alice.


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