I usually don’t like talking in front of crowds, but this is for Alice. And what better way to honor her than by doing some talking.

Oh, Alice, she was chatty. She could talk your ears off if you had the time. She never lacked for topics. Some days she was bragging about her son, Christopher. Other days she might be talking about politics, or news headlines, even sports.

She was never at a loss for words. Heck, she’s the only reason I even went back to that diner. No offense, Mike. The fact is, some days you need a good conversation as much or more than you need a good meal. And while I definitely didn’t need that usual third refill of coffee, I couldn’t seem to refuse it for fear that the conversations would go dry along with my cup.

That’s what makes me so mad about what happened to her. Whoever did this has no idea what an emptiness they created in this world. And while I’m sure the good Lord is happy to have her up there telling stories and yackin’ with the angels, I’m going to miss her something terrible down here. I almost feel bad – not having anything more to say than these few words, but I guess that just shows how much we need her here to keep the conversation going. May God rest her soul.


(This is part 3 of 26 of the story What Happened to Alice. To see the full listing click here.)


14 thoughts on “Chatty”
  1. Ooh, so Alice had a son. She seems like a nice person so far so I really don’t know what happened to her and why it did at this point, and excited to find out!

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  2. I did a bit of a backread on this, Chuck. A quite saddening start to the story.

    The world needs people like Alice, the chatty ones always make gatherings a little easier for people like me who aren’t brilliant conversationalists.

  3. I’m thinking all my boys down at the diner could’ve used a waitress like her. She would’ve talked their ears off about sobriety. In fact… yup, it’s decided. Look out for a homage to your Alice in my story before the end of the month.

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