It’s time again for the A to Z Challenge. For the past two years, I separated my A to Z posts to a separate blog as I experimented with non-fiction topics. This year, I want to experiment with fiction, so I think it fits well here on my main┬áblog. (If you’re subscribed to this blog, consider this a warning that you will receive a post each day this month. If you’re not subscribed, the sign up is in the top right and is the easiest way to get the full story.)

For my theme this year I am going to try to tell a story as we listen to 26 of Alice’s friends present eulogies at her funeral.┬áBecause of this it will not be a sequential story, but will be driven by which of her friends get the nerve to step up first and what they choose to emphasize in their speech.

Each snippet will be short (150 – 300 words) as most of our speakers are not fond of public speaking and are struggling to maintain their composure at the service.

So, please join me this month as we attend the memorial service for Alice and hopefully ascertain what happened to Alice.