Shh! Don’t say anything!

I’m gad you’re here with me, but we have to whisper the whole time.

“Where are you boy? I said, ‘Come here!’”

Don’t worry. I think we’re safe here. Last time I hid under the stairs he passed out before he could find me. By the time he wakes up, everything is ok again. Shh! He’s coming this way.

“You need to respect me when I call you!”

Try to hold your breath so he doesn’t hear us breathing.

“You’ll be sorry you didn’t listen to me, boy!”

Oh no! I think he heard us. He’s coming this way. He can’t fit in here, but he will eventually tear enough of the stairs up to get to us. I just hope it takes long enough that he passes out again. Uh oh. I think that board just came loose!

“You see that? You can’t hide from me, you ungrateful thing!”

Quick! Put this story down and go back to your life. You don’t want to be here for this. It hurts.