If you and your spouse don’t watch football together, then your marriage is in trouble. 🙂 For those of you who don’t live in the US, or otherwise don’t like football, this may be a grave concern. In your case, you can insert your own game of passion – tennis, cricket, rugby or futbol/football (which I and my friends call soccer.) As a side note, I find it very funny that the word football can be used to refer to at least three or four different games.

When my wife and I first married she was not a huge football fan. She had a favorite team, but she didn’t feel that she needed to watch the game. The final score was all she cared about. Today, I’m happy to report, she watches every game and even looks forward to football season. In retrospect, I’ve learned a few points that may be of assistance if you are trying to convert your wife into a fan of a particular sport. If you’re a man it’s likely that you overlooked these things as well. Try bringing these items to her attention.

  • Watching sports is a social activity – I think this is one of the first things that started winning my wife over to sports. Putting a little emphasis into who will be there and what everyone is wearing can go a long way. Most men probably don’t notice those things, so this may take some effort. Keep a notepad if you must and just down a few names and outfits during halftime.
  • Sports apparel includes jewelry – While the social aspect of sports helped pull my wife in, I’m pretty sure it was the day she bought that first team bracelet that won her over entirely. And I’m not talking about those rubber bracelets you find with the team name stamped on them. I’m talking about that crazy stuff that is so popular – with charms and colors and such.

But seriously: Everything in life has the potential to bring you together or draw you apart. Whether it’s a favorite sport, a hobby or a job, don’t put your marriage on hold for any season. Do you find ways to enjoy these things together?