“I wish you could have seen it, honey. It was absolutely gorgeous. The photo doesn’t even do it justice.”

Sandy studied the picture on the phone in her hand. “It doesn’t even look like our road. It looks like a postcard.”

“As soon as I saw it I had to stop and take a picture. It was one of those speechless moments.”

“Speechless moments?”

“Yeah, every once in a while during your life you will see something that is so special and beautiful that it leaves you speechless. All you can do is soak it in and realize how lucky you are to be there at that very moment.”

“Awe! That sounds sweet, dad. What are some other speechless moments you’ve had?”

Landon checked his mirrors as he changed lanes, preparing to turn. “They are rare, but I’ve had a few. They don’t usually last long.”


“One that stands out was a camping trip your mother and I made in Venezuela. I woke up early the first morning and stepped out of our tent. The sun was just up over the ocean and the way the light spread into the forest behind us gave everything a different color. There were birds and flowers of every color. It was breathtaking. “

“Is that the trip mama’s always talking about? The one she calls the worst trip ever?”

“Ha ha. Yep, that’s the one. It rained every single day after that – five days straight.”

“That sounds miserable.”

“Pretty much, but that one moment made it worth every bit of it.” He pointed out the front window, “Do you want to stop and get pizza or pasta? Or do you want to risk my cooking?” He glanced over at her knowing that her face would speak more truth than her words.

“Either is fine. You’re not a bad cook.”

The smile on her face convinced him she was telling the truth so he continued toward home.

“Tell me about another time – another speechless moment.” She turned her body in the seat with her knees under her and her back against the door.

Landon pulled the car into the driveway and turned off the engine. “Well, I’m luckier than most people because I have one in particular that happens over and over again. That is really rare.”

“Really? What is it? Where do you see it?”

“Well, it happens every other Friday when I pull up at your mom’s house and you stick your head out the door and wave. You’re beautiful. And I realize how lucky I am to be there at that very moment.” He watched her lower her head and smile, exactly what he expected her to do.

“But it sucks sometimes too. I mean, you and mom have been through a lot,” she said, looking up at him.

“Yeah, but moments like these make it worth everything.”

Sandy leaned over and hugged him. Sitting back toward the door she smiled, “So is now a good time to ask for a car?”

“Age fifteen is never a good time to ask for a car.” Landon was halfway out the door as he responded.

“What about tacos?”

He paused and then got back in the car. “That’s a more reasonable request. Where at?”