“Alright! They’re gone! Someone crank the music.”

“Let’s get the party started!”

“Whoa! Wait a minute. They’ve only been gone for a few seconds. What if they come back to get something they forgot? We need to wait at least five minutes to make sure it’s clear.”

“Five minutes. You heard him. The all-knowing seer hath spoken the decreed amount of time before which no partying may commence.”

“Shut up, slim.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Guys, quit arguing. Mens is right. We should wait a bit longer. We have all night. What’s another couple of minutes to be sure?”

“I’m just tired of him thinking he is everyone’s boss. Just because he wears the fancy clothes we’re supposed to care what he says?”

“At least he’s wearing clothes. All I got on is a measly pair of boxers.”

“Yeah, but you’ve got the abs to pull off that look.”

“Quit flirting with the new guy, Missy.”

“Forget this five minute rule stuff, I’m headed over to check out the new girl. She’s hot. I want us to be good and friendly by the time the music starts tonight so we don’t lose any dancing time.”

“The new girl? Really, Junior? She’s hot because she prances around in her underwear?”

“Oh no. Here we go. The former love birds are at it again.”

“Uh oh. Someone’s going to lose an arm… What? Come on, that’s funny.”

“Don’t hate her just because she works in lingerie. I just think she’s pretty.”

“What, I guess she has pretty eyes?”

“Well, yes. As a matter of fact, she does.”

“Honestly, Junior! I don’t know how I ever put up with you. I might believe you knew what pretty was if you ever looked above the neck.”

“Hey, look at that. I think our five minutes are up. I’m getting out of here before things get ugly.”

“Don’t worry, she’s crazy, but she’s harmless.”

“How dare you say that about me! I’m leaving!”

“Me too. New girl is still waiting.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“Thanks. She’s not following us is she?”

“Nah. I don’t see her.”

“Good. Can you believe she still gets so jealous over me? We broke up over six months ago. Everyone else seemed to think it was funny, but I think it’s creepy.”

“Yeah, but, Junior, you do realize the new girl doesn’t have a head.”


“See? No head and no arms – just legs and torso. All the new models in lingerie are like that.”

“Oh. Yeah, I knew that. I just forgot. When you’re a ladies man it can get confusing sometimes. She’s still pretty. Don’t you think?”