“What are we doing, Ted?”

“What do you mean? We planned this all out. We’re crashing the mayor’s election party. We just need to wait until the crowd is the right size so that we don’t stand out.”

“Yeah, but why? Are you going through a midlife crisis?”

“Midlife crisis? I’m only 35!”

“Maybe you’re only gonna live to 70?”

“That’s ridiculous. Just pay attention and be ready. Five more people just went inside.”

“Are we going to play poker again? I miss poker night.”

“How can you miss that? All we did was sit around, drink beer and play poker.”

“Three of my favorite activities.”

“We can do that when we get old.”

“So this is a midlife thing.”

“What? Noooo.”

“Then how do you explain the past month? Last week we coasted down Baker Street sitting on skateboards.”

“That was so much fun!”

“We almost got hit by a car when we sailed across Manchester street.”

“You’re telling me that didn’t get your heart pumping?”

“The week before that was our homemade zip-line over Schultz’s creek. I still have scratches all over my back from the crash.”

“That was painful. It wouldn’t have hurt as bad if we had made it to the water. But that was a great story, huh?”

“Yeah, a story. Is that what this is about? Is this something you picked up at that writer’s conference you went to?”

“I don’t think I picked anything up. It just got me thinking a little bit. Now that I’m a writer and all…”

“Going to the conference made you a writer?”

“No. Writing makes me a writer.”

“We’ve been friends since high school. I’ve never seen you write. And what does dragging us through ridiculous exploits have to do with you wanting to be a writer? Did they require some type of initiation stunts to get into the secret writer’s club? Do you have secret handshakes?”

“It was only a conference. There is no secret writer’s club or anything. I just finally decided what I want to write.”

“And what’s that?”

“A memoir.”

“A what?”

“A memoir. You know, a story about your own life? They said they’re selling like crazy right now.”

“And that’s why we’re acting like a couple of mischievous teenagers?”

“Yeah, I guess. If I’m gonna write a memoir, I need a story worth telling.”

“We all need a story worth telling, but are a couple of crazy stunts really the story you want to tell? Shouldn’t it be something with a little more depth and meaning?”

“Like poker night?”