I love Christmas. And I love Christmas stories.

I laugh every time I watch Elf, A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation. I get goose bumps when I watch It’s A Wonderful Life. I consider reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, The Night Before Christmas or Dicken’s A Christmas Carol beside a lighted Christmas tree a pure delight.ย And, as a Christian, reading the story of the nativity has a special meaning to me that trumps them all.

Yes, Christmas is filled with stories. It’s a time to reflect, a time for giving. It’s a time to spend with those we love. It is with that in mind that I offer five small tales this week. Each bears the title of a Christmas song and will post at 12:25 pm (central) each day Monday through Friday.

I am titling this collection of flash fiction “The Land of the Living: Christmas Stories”. For this is where we live, this land of the living. Our days are filled with experiences, which become memories. Throughout our journey we experience happiness and sadness, war and peace; we find love and are broken by its power. Our lives are stories and, whether we like them or not, they are our stories. This collection reminds us that we live our stories together – here in the land of the living.

If you don’t want to wait, or prefer to read stories on an eReader, you can download the entire collection in ebook format at SmashWords. (Free, of course.) So, whether you read them here or download the eBook version, I hope you’ll enjoy these stories.

3 thoughts on “The Land of the Living: Christmas Stories”
  1. Excellent point, we are all writing the stories of our lives. God has granted us the free will to be able to write that ending as a happy or tragic one.

    Looking forward to your stories. I’ll be expecting a happy ending!

  2. Oh I am so looking forward to reading these! ^_^ I absolutely adore Dicken’s A Christmas Carol and only wish I had thought of it first! ^__^

    PS: you still have to put in subscribe by email to comments ^__^ just nudging ya, ya know ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks, Helen. I think I got the “subscribe by email to comments” working for you. Let me know if it doesn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

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