Marcus stepped out of the shower and snickered as the idea hit him. He wrapped his towel around his waist and walked to the living room.

As expected, Angela sat on the sofa watching Passionate Desires.

He lurked in the hallway listening for the commercials to end. As the show resumed, he used the voices as his queue to enter the room. He sucked in his stomach and poked out his chest. “Angela, look at the tv. Now look back at me. Back at the tv, now back at me. Sadly, none of those guys are me.”

Angela raised her eyebrows.

“But if they showered in our bathroom they could smell like ‘peach blossoms’. Look down. Look back up. I’m still here. What’s in my hand? Nothing. I need my hands to hold my towel up. But I smell like ‘peach blossoms’ so what more could you ask for?”

“Look at the tv, now back at me. Do you see any of those men taking out the garbage? I don’t think so.”

As he spoke, Jenny and Mark walked in from the kitchen. “What are you doing, dad?”

“Don’t you recognize him, kids?” Angela interrupted. “He’s the Old Fart Guy.”


Note: I’m not sure if the Old Spice Commercials were used worldwide or not. If you’re not familiar with those commercials, then this sketch probably makes no sense. You can see the notorious commercials here.