From up here the world looks so neat and orderly. The ground is sectioned off into various shapes, each a different shade of green or brown. Lights sparkle, highlighting the city areas. Roads twist and wind as they connect one cluster of lights to another. Is there a better place to be anywhere?

But soon we will be landing and the order will give way to chaos, to busyness, to heartache. Everything will return to its normal size – including my problems. In a few minutes there will be deadlines to meet, mouths to feed, grass to cut. Everything changes in just a few thousand feet.

Yeah, yeah. I hear you, captain. We’re arriving. Thanks.

See? It’s starting already. People are starting to annoy me.

Hey, you. Yes, you. The guy on the other side of the aisle. Do you really need to use your cell phone already? Can’t we enjoy these last few moments before the door opens and we melt out into the craziness?

And are we all really in such a hurry? Squeezing into the aisle as if we can all step off at the same time? One giant blob of humanity stepping through a tiny door? I’ll wait. You go ahead.

I’m not turning my cell phone on yet, though. At least not until I get my baggage. This trip isn’t technically over until then. I’m sure there are voice mails waiting, but they don’t know I’ve landed yet, do they?

Boy, traffic is crazy. I wonder if those yellow lines actually trigger a competitive gene or something? Everybody wants to be in front. And that guy wasn’t waving hello.

To make matters worse, the voices on the radio seem to be doing nothing but arguing and shouting. Did I pick this station? Maybe there should be a station that whispers?

Finally home. I navigated the airport terminal, baggage claim, airport parking, the freeway and even a stop for gas. Didn’t I just buy gas?

I open the door, dragging my bag behind me.


“Daddy’s home!”

Hugs and giggles. Jokes that were either told wrong or just don’t make any sense. Did you just wipe a booger on me?

Man, it’s good to be home! Is there a better place to be anywhere? I don’t think so.