Here we are, suddenly face to face. I’m not sure if I invaded his space or if he invaded mine, but we are definitely close.

Is he black? Or white? He’s obviously both, but which is the primary? And why is he just staring at me?

He’s small. Not tiny, but definitely diminutive.

I wonder what he’s thinking of me? He is staring at me, isn’t he? It’s hard to tell exactly where he is looking. Those eyes protrude quite a bit now that I look at him. I’m not sure how long this staring has been going on, but it’s long enough that I can’t back down. I’m not looking away. There he goes! I knew he would give in, even though I’m in his territory.

It was nice to meet you little guy. Wait, I meant to ask your name. Are you a Zebra fish? A striped Angelfish? Dang. He got away too quickly.

You know, I don’t always wear these goggles. Well, I do when I’m here in the water, but not on land.

He’s not listening. He’s long gone. I wonder if he remembers me and our little staring contest?

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