One of the goals of this blog is to provide advice for men who are considering marriage. Women have strange rituals such as teas and showers where they pass along bits of advice and tell stories. Men usually just shake hands and say “Congratulations.” Then they walk away shaking their head.

So today’s post aims to provide three tips regarding one of the first topics encountered when considering marriage: diamonds.

1. Your responsibility with diamonds does not end at the engagement ring.

Some men don’t put much effort into buying the engagement ring because they figure it’s the only time they will have to buy a diamond. False! The engagement ring gets you by until the wedding. After that there will be earrings to purchase followed by anniversary bands. And don’t forget necklaces or those strange things called pendants. (Pendants are apparently where you put diamonds when you run out of fingers and ears.)

2. The 4 C’s – Color, Carat, Clarity and Cut

When you first go shopping for the engagement ring salespeople will try to intimidate you with information about “The 4 C’s”. I’m convinced this is just a bartering tool, but you will likely still have to listen to a lecture or two before you are allowed to buy a diamond. They will rattle on about color, carat, clarity and cut. The four C’s you really need to be aware of, though, are cuteness, cost, cost and cost. Cuteness can only be determined by watching the reaction in your wife’s eyes. Once you find one that passes that test, it’s all about the cost. As far as cost goes, just remember there is a reason this blog is called “Marriage is Fun” instead of “Marriage is Cheap”.

3. The “You can trade up” myth

When buying the diamond you will eventually encounter information something to the effect of, “You can buy this stone today and next year if you want a bigger stone you can trade up.” This sounds like an excellent deal as it allows you to get the diamond you can afford now and the diamond she wants later. The problem is that the diamond you give her today will have sentimental value next year. Then you are either stuck with this diamond or you’re buying another one. It’s a hard fact. There is no easy choice when buying a diamond.

After all this advice you may be wanting to see my wife’s diamond collection. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a collection. I think she’s working on a post about “Finding a Man Who Will Actually Buy Diamonds”.

But seriously: Diamonds have long been given as gifts because they are valuable. But there are many ways to show your spouse they are valuable. Giving them our time or attention is a good start. Do we take the time to do that every day?


What about you? What are some things you do to show your spouse they are valuable?