In celebration of the return of the Marriage is Fun blog, we are giving away marriage tips. Today’s tip: Fight more.

Yes, you heard that right, fight more. Think about it. Chances are everyone reading this knows of at least one older couple who, despite their constant bickering, has made it to their 40th or 50th wedding anniversary. In fact, how many couples do you know that have been married that long that don’t fuss at each other? Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Fighting has a therapeutic quality. It stimulates the brain and improves circulation. As evidence of our theory here is a list of notable “fighting” couples who seem (or seemed) happy enough:

  • Fred and Ethel on “I Love Lucy”
  • Napoleon Bonaparte & Josephine
  • He-man & She-Ra
  • The Undertaker & Sara Callaway
  • Sigfried and Roy

Ok. That didn’t work so well.

But seriously: Fighting is important, but only if you’re fighting for your marriage. If you’re fighting each other then you’re wasting your time. Fighting for your marriage may mean being careful about your opposite sex friendships or doing something special for your spouse. Maybe it’s as simple as saying you’re sorry for losing your cool during that last “conversation”. Whatever it means in your situation, are you willing to do it? Your marriage is worth fighting for.

What do you think? Do you know couples who have given up? That no longer are willing to work or fight for their marriage? How do you fight for your marriage?

2 thoughts on “Marriage Tip: Fight More”
  1. I agree. Too many people are eager to cut and run these days. If you have an issue, TALK! Don’t wait until it’s built up into an all out war. Fight for your marriage/relationship everyday. It’s worth it.

  2. Oooh I loves a good screaming match. Things get said that shouldn’t, but things also get said that likely wouldn’t otherwise. Not always a bad thing since at least it puts it on the table. And without fighting, no make up sex, and that’s just wrong. 😉 Been married nearly 18yrs now, clearly a good brawl builds marriage character. jmo. 🙂

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