There are some people you are glad you met and some people you wish you had never met. There are also people you wish to meet. We would all be better off if we simply tried to be one of those people that others wish to meet.

As I started thinking about “People I Wish I Had Met” I decided I want this to be a series instead of a simple list. The reasons for that are twofold. First, I want to be able to give some detail about each one and why they stand out to me as someone worth meeting. (And I really want to keep these below 500 words.)

Second, lists are too static. The people that come to mind right now may not be the entire list, so I’ll add to this series at random times and update the links below to show the new additions. Also,this series will only include people who are now deceased because I don’t want this to be a pandering session hoping to catch someone’s attention.

So here is the master index which will hopefully grow as I write.

People I Wish I Had Met:

Rich Mullins


What about you? Are there people you wish you had met?

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