I recently received the Versatile Blogger Award from Mari Juniper (which, it turns out, is not her real name). If you don’t know Mari you should check her out over at Mari’s Randomities. Her “Sweetest Troll” series is full of action and lovable characters. She also posts other things as well, ranging from book reviews to short stories. Random facts about her can be found in her acceptance post.

Accepting the award requires the the recipient to reveal little known facts about themselves and then pass the award on to others. So here we go!

Random Facts about me:

1. Nagsasalita ako kaunting Tagalog (I speak a little Tagalog) – Tagalog is the official language of the Philippines. Unfortunately, I have the vocabulary of a three year old. I’m not even sure if that initial sentence is entirely correct. So unless I can find a reason to say “The dog is blue.” Or “Let’s walk to the office.” Then I’m pretty much out of luck. I still try, though, and have made a fool of myself on several occasions.

2. I’m a chronic hobby-jumper – I’m debating starting a blog series about this, but I tend to pick up new hobbies and abandon them after a short while. A few of my hobbies include golf, photography, cross-stitch, scuba diving, water colors, bird watching, playing banjo/harmonica/dulcimer, RC cars, stunt kite flying, jogging, flying, paintball… the list could go one.

3. I used to wear intentionally mismatched socks – For a while I had an anti-fashion philosophy which stated that your socks could match each other or they could match your shirt, but not both. I even had one college professor who would occasionally stop class to ask me what color my socks were. Now I hate to wear socks or shoes.

4. I once made ties – At one point during my college career I had to wear ties to certain classes. Not wanting to be stuck with the usual fare of boring ties, I found a McCall’s pattern at Wal-Mart and began making my own with a small sewing machine. My collection included a red/white checkered picnic cloth tie with large black ants, a Calvin and Hobbes tie, a tie featuring a picture of my wife (girlfriend at the time) among others.

5. I love to go camping – One of my favorite activities is to set up a tent and spend a few days roaming the woods. Fortunately, my wife and kids enjoy it too. For some reason, though, we don’t go as often as I’d like. We have yet to go this year. I need to remedy that.


I now pass the award on to the following versatile bloggers if they choose to participate. (If not, that is ok.):

1. Vicky Bigmore (@vixenrules) at http://henriettamaddox.wordpress.com/ – Vicky participates in #FridayFlash, writes stories from prompts, reviews books and blogs about a myriad of other topics. Drop by her blog and read some of her stories. (Including a retelling of Three Blind Mice from the view of the mice)

2. Jon Malstrom (@jmalstrom) at http://authenticramblings.com/ – Jon has one of the funniest blogs around. His casual style makes it feel like you’re sitting at dinner with him having a conversation. (Although, I wouldn’t do that because I’d inevitably say something stupid and end up on his blog the next day. Oh yeah, and that small fact that I’ve never actually met him in person.)