I think love songs create a wrong impression for many people entering marriage. This can be a problem once people realize how different the reality is from the image. Today’s post aims to clear up some of the confusion. We will begin with the “love song” version of what a man will do for his woman and follow that up with a list of what you will actually do in the real world of marriage.

According to songs a man will: (See if you can figure out which songs these come from.)

  • Never let you go
  • Die for you
  • Carry your smile in his heart
  • Crawl upon the floor
  • See her face every time he closes his eyes
  • Feel cold and long for your embrace
  • Lay you down on a bed of roses
  • Always Stay Around
  • Stand with you on a mountain
  • Sleep out in the rain

What you will actually do:

  • Hold her purse in the mall
  • Go get strange food at 2 am when she’s pregnant
  • Eat burnt meals without complaining to avoid hurting her feelings
  • Learn to use a plunger
  • Take out the trash
  • Wait, wait, wait, wait and wait

But seriously: It is important to remember that marriage is about life together, and life is not always romantic and fun. Sometimes life requires very mundane things of us (like holding that purse). Learn to enjoy every moment you have together – even if doesn’t feel like the stuff love songs are made of.

What about you? Can you think of more things that don’t make it into the love songs?

8 thoughts on “What You Will Do”
  1. He will also open every jar, kill every bug (especially the crunchy ones), and fix anything and everything. I’m lucky that I have a man who will do all that and hold my hand, tell me he loves me everyday, text me just because he’s thinking of me, and talk me off the ledge when I’ve had a bad day. (disclaimer: we’re not married, but we’ve been together 11 years)

  2. He will also:

    Not say what he feels when you cheese him off (most of the time)
    Love you even when you’re overdue for a hair appointment
    Not notice right away when you do get your hair fixed
    Learn to suppress the gag reflex when changing a diaper
    Tolerate that yappy dog (most of the time)
    Want a smart phone to make those wait, wait, wait times go faster

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