Picture of KatieIt was one of those magic moments that appear briefly before fluttering away like a butterfly. I miss too many of these, letting them slip by unnoticed, but I’m learning to watch for them.

I was walking from the van to the mall. She was holding my hand. Somewhere along the way our walk morphed into a waltz as she began twirling and giggling. Her feet moved with grace and her hair bounced with each move.

“No. Hold my hand like this,” she instructed as she spun into another twirl, her hand never leaving mine.

I love every opportunity I get to dance with my princess. The truth is, I’ve always wanted to learn to dance but never have.

“You and I should take dance lessons together,” I offered. It seemed an obvious suggestion given her enjoyment of dancing and her frequent choice of me as her dancing partner.

She giggled, flashing that beautiful smile that encompasses her mouth and eyes. “But I already know how to dance.” The intonation in her voice hinted at the ridiculous nature of my suggestion.

I’m always amazed at the wisdom of children.

Yes, Katie. You do already know how to dance. No one can teach you what’s already in your heart. You dont need anyone to tell you how to dance. And as you get older and this world tries to tell you that you need its approval or instruction on how things should be done, don’t listen. Just giggle, flash that smile and dance – from your heart.