Girls in HaitiI spent a week among angels. I’m sure that’s what they were, these beautiful creatures whose smiles imprint themselves in your mind forever. They weren’t like the angels you see in movies or read about in scripture. These angels were not there to guide you. In fact, they would take you by the hand and walk wherever you wanted to go. These angels were not there to provide miracles. In fact, they were in need of miracles, most importantly food, even if their spirit and energy distracted viewers from this fact.

I’m back home now – back to work in this world of concrete and cars. I’m back to worrying about numbers and dollars and whether we are working fast enough. I’m back to a world with a million distractions calling for my attention. But those angels are still there – hungry, many unaware of how special they are.

It would be easy to step back into this river and be carried away by technology, schedules and leisure. The choice is mine; I can slip into an inner tube and float along enjoying the ride or I can hop into a speedboat and charge ahead to forge my future. And the odd thing is that I don’t want to do either. I guess spending a week with angels will do that to you.

Will you help children in Haiti?