Technology seems to impact everything around us. Our jobs, our hobbies and our interactions can all change with technological advances. This is even true in our marriages. Since relationships are real and not virtual (if your marriage is virtual then this blog may not apply) it may be easy to overlook the impact of technology. Today’s post aims to point out some of the areas where technology may be impacting your marriage for the worse.

Here are some warning signs that technology may, in fact, be damaging your marriage’s communication:

  • You use Internet shortcuts when actually talking – e.g. “He said that? LOL!”
  • You send each other text messages even when your sitting in the same room
  • You finalize “what’s for dinner” by exchanging Facebook status updates
  • You interrupt your spouse after ever 140 characters
  • You can’t remember the last time the two of you had dinner without a phone
  • He won’t answer your phone call but he will respond to your text message
  • When you think of your spouse you picture them as they are in their Facebook profile pic
  • You call their mobile instead of walking to the other end of the house to speak to them

But seriously: We all know that communication is vital to our marriage, but do we spend time trying to improve it? Do you put technology to work making your marriage better? Or is it just another way to avoid each other while still keeping things moving? Remember, what your spouse really needs to hear is “I <3 u”.

Now it’s your turn. What other “warning signs” can you think of?