This is my Fourth journal entry from my trip to Haiti with A Home in Haiti (

Thursday, July 29

One of the highlights of this week has been the group that I am with. The fact that we are all strangers has created an amazing dynamic. I cannot recall a time when I have grown so close to a group of strangers in such a short time. We call ourselves the Courageous Group – named after the host church of the organization that brought us here – A Home in Haiti.

But courageous is only one word that describes this group. They could also be called people of action. If something needs to be done, several people jump in to do it. Whether it be carrying a lady to the eye doctor; cleaning in the Miriam center or moving furniture the group will not stand idle where there is a need.

Another word that describes this group is passionate. Perhaps that is what bonded us so quickly. Many of us are Christians and have a passion to make Christ known. All of us have a heart for the disadvantaged, poor and needy. This is the passion that brought us here; a passion which allowed us to believe in the vision of A Home in Haiti. A vision for the Miriam center in Boneau where disadvantaged children can have a place to bloom. A vision for empowering these children with their own special place – their own special home in Haiti.

And as much as I have been blown away by the opportunity that exists here, I have also been blown away by these crazy strangers whom I love.

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