This is my third journal entry from my trip to Haiti with A Home in Haiti (

Wednesday, July 28

Yesterday was another amazing day. Kristy and Katie went with a group to House of Hope, another organization taking care of children with disabilities. Me and the boys went to the construction site in Boneau. I am still amazed at how little my out-of-shape body can do. At times it is embarrassing, but the only thing to do is keep pushing one little shovel at a time. This week I have seen a lot of people doing what they can to change the world – one shovel at a time.

Learning to rely on god is exciting. Each time I ask and God provides it stirs something within me. We were designed for dependence on Him. This is the way it is supposed to work. And yet, I seem to only do it when I run out of other options. I want to learn to rely on Him for everything.

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