Here is my second journal entry from my recent trip to Haiti with A Home in Haiti (

Tuesday, July 27

Exhaustion. That is what I feel, mixed with amazement and sorrow. Amazement at how God can use us in small ways. Amazement at how well Hunter, Jaden and Katie have stepped up to this challenge. Amazement at how little I have to (or choose to) rely on God in my daily life.

Sorrow at the conditions people live in every day. Sorrow at how little help many people have. Sorrow that I cannot fix it. But I can’t labor on the sorrow. I must do what I can. Those who are making a difference are doing it one day and one life at a time. The mission here is taking what they have and serving.

As I walked the hill yesterday at the construction site I was amused at what I found. The lot that will become a center for handicapped children is littered with feces and flip flops. But that will soon give way to cement and blocks, hugs and smiles, needs met and changed lives.

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