“You make me happy.”

If there is one thing I hope my daughter remembers forever it’s that phrase. I tell it to her all Katie and Daddythe time. And it’s true. She has a way of making any day bright and happy. She is caring, giving and loving. She has a giggle that chases clouds far away. Add all of this together with the fact that she loves her daddy and you will see what a lucky man I am.

On the other hand is a phrase that people keep telling me: “Just wait, she’ll be a teenager soon.” Usually the phrase is used with the implication that my little girl won’t always be sweet. Or that she won’t always treat her daddy like a king.

I can understand why people say it. Children do go through a transformation during their teen years. They are searching for their identities and often shed anything that may seem childish to them. Some teenagers can be argumentative and rebellious. Even within a family some teenagers can be a handful while other siblings are a joy to be around.

The phrase is still off point, though. When I am talking about how sweet my little princess is and hear people use the “Just wait” phrase I know they don’t understand. You see, it doesn’t matter what happens from this point forward.

What if she reaches a stage where she no longer wants to be around her dad? What if she turns out to be argumentative and rebellious? What if she turns 13 and never speaks to me again? Even in the worst situation I can imagine I have already been blessed beyond what this self-centered man ever dreamed was possible.

I have already been given more than I deserve. I have a little princess that loves me. I have hugs and tickles and tea parties to attend.

That’s what I have. I have today.

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