Do you have a project at your house that needs work? A broken toilet? An unfinished room? These projects can provide opportunities for couples to work together and enjoy time with each other. More often, though, these projects can drive married couples crazy and put stress on an otherwise happy marriage. Many times the stress comes from our unrealistic expectations.

Today’s post hopes to help us set realistic expectations. Wives are sometimes puzzled trying to determine when their husband will start a project. Sometimes it seems they resolve the issue quickly and some projects tend to linger unresolved. So what’s the difference? I have produced the following chart to help you determine how long a particular project will take. Take a look at it and then we’ll walk through a few examples.
Please note: If the project falls within a particular “season” (e.g. football season, hunting season, etc.) you may need to add a few weeks to match your husband’s interests.
So let’s look at a few examples:
  • If you feel that the kitchen needs to be remodeled but your husband doesn’t see the need then it may be time to call a contractor (and a marriage counselor.)
  • If a toilet is messed up and your husband is not good at plumbing you had better hope that he has a friend that is good at plumbing or you’ll be using one of the other toilets for a while.
  • If your car is overheating and your husband is good at fixing cars you don’t have to worry about a thing.

But seriously: I realize that this model doesn’t fit every situation. I also realize that the husband doesn’t have to be the deciding factor in repairs. But it is amazing how household projects can put a strain on a relationship, regardless of who takes the lead. The important thing is that we use the projects to work together instead of stressing our relationship. No broken toilet or ice maker is more important than your marriage.

What do you think? Do you have a project horror story to share with us?
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