The definition of kindness can vary depending upon your state in life. For a toddler, t may be sharing a piece of candy. For a homeless person, it may be a quick meal or a warm place to sleep. For a student, it may be bonus points or dropping their lowest score.

But what about married people? What constitutes kindness between spouses? Here are a few examples of kindness:

  • Eating those first-year dinners without making a face or complaining
  • Putting the toilet seat down (or up, see related post)
  • Remembering to put gas in the vehicle
  • Laughing at his jokes
  • Not keeping track of how many pairs of shoes she owns
  • Washing his socks even if it requires wearing a chemical suit to handle them
  • Listening to her explain every last detail of the day (Yes, it is important to know what every person in the story is wearing)
  • Accepting those anniversary flowers a few days after the actual anniversary

But seriously: Kindness may not be one of the traits we think of for establishing a great marriage, but just try to have a great marriage without it. It would be impossible. Are we sometimes guilty of showing kindness to everyone except our spouse? What is one way you can show your spouse kindness today?

Can you think of other actions that married couples do to show kindness? Add your thoughts in the comments!

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