Good hygiene is important to your health and your marriage too. For most people that is not an issue. Unfortunately, though, there is a dark side to hygiene that threatens every couple that has ever attempted to share a space.

If you’re contemplating marriage, I recommend discussing these items in advance of setting a wedding date. You should reach an agreement now to reduce the frustration later. I’m giving my preferences in these examples but you may want to adjust them to suit your needs. A few of these I had to be taught and a few of them I’m trying to teach my wife. (I’m not saying which ones, though.)

Toothpaste – The toothpaste should be squeezed from the end of the tube. If you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle it quickly becomes a mess. You are not in such a hurry that moving your hand a few inches further down the tube will make a difference. You can even roll the tube if you want, but at all costs squeeze from the end.

Toilet paper – I realize most men do not replace toilet paper rolls, electing instead to simply place the new roll on the counter or sink. However, if replaced, I’m told the paper should roll down the front of the unit. I have included a picture for reference on this one since an example is the easiest way to describe it. If you have a roll that rolls out the back of the unit, throw it away and get another one. I think those are manufacturer defects.

Razors – This is the one area where I will agree with the marketing pushed by the big corporations. Women need their own razor. My razor does a decent job of shaving faces, it doesn’t – and shouldn’t – shave legs or anywhere else. The hair on women’s legs is apparently made of a titanium thread and will dull a blade in a single use. For my face that translates into – Ouch!   At the very least warning should be given if the razor is used. For the sake of fairness, I will say that men should not use their wife’s razor either. (Although I doubt that ever happens.)

Toilet seats – I will not post an opinion on the age-old issue of the proper placement of the toilet seat. (up or down) I will merely point out that it is just as easy for women to put it down as it is for men to lift it up. Some couples solve this stalemate by having separate bathrooms. Usually, this means that the 1/2 bath somewhere hidden in the basement becomes the husband’s toilet while the primary bathroom toilet belongs to the wife.

Toilet seat covers – I think I speak for most men when I say that a bathroom seat lid should not be fuzzy. Pets are fuzzy. Sweaters are fuzzy. Belly buttons are sometimes fuzzy, but toilet seat lids should be cold and hard. If your husband compromises and doesn’t complain about the seat cover, please chose one that is thin enough to let the lid stay up on its own. There is nothing more frustrating than having to hold the toilet seat up while conducting other business.

But seriously: It is always amazing the little things that can annoy us. They are funny to think about, but they really do cause frustrations and arguments. Do you think about the little things you can do to show your spouse you love them? If you don’t know what those little things are, ask. Putting effort into little things tells them that they are important to you.

So what did I miss? Add your thoughts in the comments. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these items or other issues that couples face.

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