Look at them. They’re perfect for each other! They’re the perfect couple!  I’m not sure exactly what those phrases mean, but I’ve heard them used before. Personally, when I think of perfect pairs I’m usually thinking food – nachos and cheese, burgers and bacon or peanut butter and chocolate. Those are perfect couples.

However, in an effort to find the perfect couple, today’s post will allow you to test your compatibility with your spouse. Grab a pen or pencil and calculate your score! (Or, you can count on your fingers if you prefer.)

  • You both have the same favorite food  +3 points
    (Sympathy points if you even know what your spouse’s favorite food is + 1)
  • You both love knitting or sewing  +5 points
  • You still trade your chewing gum when you kiss  +5 points
  • You both know the formula that makes up a quarterback rating  +5 points
    (Bonus points if you both know Brett Farve’s current QB rating + 10 points.)
  • You wear the same underwear +8 points (but please don’t tell us)
  • You both know what the color mauve looks like  +4 points
    (Bonus points if you have matching mauve sweaters + 10 points.)
  • You both cry at the same movies  + 5 points
    (Note: Must be for the same reason. Crying because you wasted $30 on a chick flick that made your wife cry doesn’t count.)
  • You get your hair cut at the same place  +1 point
  • You get your nails done at the same salon  +6 points
  • You have “his and hers” matching chain saws + 7 points
  • You have 3 or more matching outfits  +4 points
    (Bonus points if one of those outfits is sleepwear + 2 points)
  • You both have the same favorite magazine  +2 points
    (Minus 3 points if that magazine is about animals)
  • You both enjoy talking on the phone for endless hours  +2 points
    (Bonus points if that includes talking to each other for endless hours +3 points)
  • You both can rebuild a carburetor in under 30 seconds  +4 points
    (Sympathy points if you both even know what a carburetor does  +2 points)
  • You both are willing to stop and ask directions  +3 points

So how did you do? Here is a grading sheet:

  • 0 – 10 points – Do you even know your spouse’s name?
  • 11 – 20 points –  Do you even live in the same house?
  • 21 – 30 points – Not bad, you scored more than most people.
  • 31 – 40 points – Did you marry your twin?
  • 41 + points – You’re so much alike how can you even stand to be around each other?

But seriously: Actually, the point of this pointless quiz was to emphasize the fact that we’re not identical to our spouse. In many cases, we have different tastes, different hobbies and even different ways of communicating. The important thing is to realize that fact and allow our differences to add variety to our marriages. Too many times we let our differences create conflict. You may resent having to work to understand what your spouse is thinking or saying, but can imagine how boring it would be if you were both just alike?

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