There seems to be a fad among Christian circles these days talking about leaving a legacy. How will you be remembered? Will future generations know you existed? I’m not sure that should really be my concern.

Sure, I hope I teach my children that there is a God who created them and loves them passionately. I hope I convey to them accurately how that same God has done everything necessary to allow a relationship between us. I hope I instill in them a sense of awe when they look at the stars. I hope they understand how big and amazing this world is that we call home. I hope they enjoy the same joys that they have brought to me. But I shouldn’t care if I’m remembered or not.

I’m not really sure where the talk of legacy comes from. The closest thing I can find in scripture is when the Old Testament authors challenged the people to pass on the details of the covenant to future generations. It doesn’t challenge them to create a lasting memory of themselves. It doesn’t challenge them to have faith in God for the purpose of influencing future generations. Their faith is for their own salvation. It’s for their own lives. The just shall live by their faith. Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness.

Sure, some people are remembered for what they accomplish. Some people have their deeds captured in writing for future generations to recount. That should not be our passion or our goal. Our goal should be as Paul says in Philippians 3:10 “That I may know Him…”

No. I don’t want to leave a legacy. I don’t want to be remembered. There is someone greater than me that I want future generations to know.

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