Many times we allow our differences to frustrate us. This can be especially true in relationships like marriage. Couples sometimes get irritated by behavior that they cannot understand. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, some of the things I love most about my wife are those weird things she does that I am clueless to understand. Today’s post hopes to highlight some of the strange things that wives do that some husbands find perplexing.

Double Dish Washing – I know my wife is not alone in this, but she has this strange habit of washing the dishes before she puts them in the dishwasher. Isn’t that the point of the dishwasher? If you’re going to scrub them, why not just go ahead and put them in the cabinet? That’s kind of like taking a bath before you get into the shower.

“Saving” money by spending money – My wife is pretty good about not overspending. However, it still drives me crazy when she arrives home with her arms full of bags and announces “Guess how much money I saved!” We all love a good sale, but let’s be honest, we don’t save money by spending money. (Unless the item being purchased is electronic.)

Throwing away my favorite clothes – This is one area where men and women just need to agree to disagree. Certain clothes are worn for comfort or posterity and not fashion. The fact that a shirt has become tattered does not change the way it fits or change the fact that it was the lucky shirt that helped our team win the championship. My solution is to hide my favorite clothes, but I my wife still swipes a few every now and then. One last thing: ladies, if you do this to your husbands, please at least admit to it. Acting innocent and trying to convince us that we must have lost it somewhere just makes it more frustrating. (Except for when we actually did lose it and we find it a few weeks later. That makes us happy.)

Diversity is what makes life interesting. Diversity can make marriage interesting. The fact that I don’t understand my wife’s behavior does not make it bad. In fact, it keeps things fun. So let’s enjoy it!

What about you? Does your spouse have some “mysterious” behaviors that leave you perplexed? (Ladies, you can chime in here too.) Tell us in the comments.