Halloween is a fun time of year. I’ve noticed lately that stores seem to be competing to see who can be the scariest. In some cases it is almost humorous. I mean, really, how scary can you make a Krispy Kreme store? And If you think about it, it’s really a losing battle. Some places are just plain scary even without Halloween decorations. Here is my list of places that are scary any time of year.

Public Restrooms – I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Public restrooms, while a necessity, are creepy. Every time I walk into a public restroom I can feel the germs taking their places and preparing to attack me. I only wish my children shared a bit of my fear. Oddly enough, they have the opposite view of restrooms. They think that we cannot visit a place without at some point visiting the restroom at least twice.

The Dentist’s Office – I intend no malice towards any dentists who may be reading this, but dentist’s offices are scary places. I realize that my fear of dentistry is all in my head, but those evil-looking tools and contraptions are here in the real world. Normally I’m a big fan of power tools. I enjoy chain saws and drills – but not near my mouth! In my opinion that is a big difference.

Church Sanctuaries – This might not seem logical at first. Church buildings are rarely scary during services when there people all around. But have you ever been in one at night when the lights are out? My dad was a deacon in our church when I was younger so I spent a lot of time roaming the church during non-church times. I explored every part of that church, including the attic crawl spaces, without any fear. The one exception was the sanctuary. In the sanctuary there were strange noises and moving shadows. It was creepy.

What about you? Do you have places that you find scary or creepy regardless of decorations or the time year?