It’s nice to know the answer to a question before you encounter it. Today’s post aims to give you such answers. And today’s answer is “Yes, we need more hangers.”

Every married man will encounter mysteries. One of those mysteries for me has been my wife’s infatuation with clothes hangers. How many clothes hangers does one family need? Apparently, the answer to that question is a number somewhere near infinity.

I knew that two hangers were used in an attempt to unlock the car and retrieve my keys. One hanger was used trying to clean out a drain pipe. I might have broken one or two more, but the math was still not adding up.  I became convinced that she must be building some type of fantastic contraption. After all, what else would you do with a gazillion coat hangers? I searched the yard for her hanger-constructed club house, but found nothing. I eventually have come to realize that hangers disintegrate into thin air. I know it defies logic, but most things my wife teaches me defy logic. I like to think of it as real-life science fiction.

The other day I was buying my wife some new jeans. As the clerk was putting them in the bag she asked me casually, “Do you want the hangers?” Only after I responded did I realize the impact that marriage has made on me. Almost without hesitation I responded, “Yes, we need more hangers.”