My name is Chuck Allen and I long to be Super Dad. I want to love my children, have fun with them and enjoy every brief moment I have with them. Last week my oldest son, unknowingly, gave me my report card on being Super Dad.

I had taken a day off from work and planned to spend the day at a nearby theme water park. My children go often, having season passes. I had not been in over a year. We arrived early and quickly got in line for the newest water slide. It was great!

We then went to the wave pool and played around for a while before heading to another set of water slides. My oldest son and I had a blast riding what we thought was the fastest of the four available slides. This is where things went wrong. While getting out of the water I slid and one of my toes rolled under my foot. On top of the pain the entire toe was feeling, the concrete pulled off half of my toenail. I was very proud of myself for not crying as we walked around the park trying to find someone to bandage the still-bleeding toe.

At one point while we were waiting for someone to help me, my son uttered a phrase no dad longs to hear: “Why is it every time we try to do something fun, you get hurt?” Ouch! My toe no longer hurt in comparison to my pride. To his credit, he was making a true observation. He even provided the a few examples such as my bruised ribs from a football game gone awry. His words were not intended to be hurtful; he was merely observing his disappointment at our interruption to fun.

But there it was- my assessment. Instead of Super Dad I have become Klutzy Dad.

The interesting thing is this: my kids still love me. They don’t seem to care that I’m clumsy. They still hug me and climb in my lap to chat. They still draw me pictures and tell me they love me. That makes me feel pretty special.

I think that’s how it is with God. Many times we try to be Super Christian and do everything right. We aim high but eventually land somewhere well below. And God doesn’t seem to mind. He still loves us and blesses us. He still promises to dwell with us and provide for us. That should make us feel pretty special.


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